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Ruka Buses is a versatile passenger transport company. We provide chartered bus service for groups of all sizes. Our modern buses are driven by experienced drivers.

All transports are fitted to our customers’ schedules. These include airport transfers as well as trips to Russia.

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All rentals include a snowmobile and gear. (Overall, helmet, shoes, gloves)

All our sleds are the Polaris Indy 550 LXT, model shown in the picture.

Fuel not included in the price.

Own liability 650€ / snowmobile. Full insurance.



Rukahuolto is an all-round service company. We focus on the quality of the service. Well-timed, professional maintenance will increase your vehicle’s life span.

We service small engine machines, snowmobiles and ATVs. Our professional mechanics have years of experience in their work.

We have also a car wash, tire service, A/C service and fault diagnostic. These we can do on reservation basis.


Rukahuolto Oy - RukaBuses | Riutanpää 1, 93830 Rukatunturi, Finland | Tel. +358 8 868 1700 | Gone fishing, back in biz 5.8.2019